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100 Years of John Deere Tractors Contest



In March of 1918, John Deere purchased the Waterloo Gasoline Engine Company. The rest is literally history. Since that time, factories in Waterloo and Dubuque, Iowa, as well as Horicon, Wisconsin; Yakima, Washington; Torreon, Mexico; Pune, India; Mannheim, Germany; Perth, Australia; and Augusta, Georgia have produced some of the highest performing tractors over countless eras.

Deere and Company will begin celebrating 100 years by hosting special gold key tours for customers in Waterloo. The Smithsonian's National Museum of American History will feature an exhibition of the iconic Waterloo Boy tractor and some of John Deere's industry leading GPS products showing the growth of agriculture over those 100 years.

In June 2018, 100 John Deere tractors and engines will be displayed at the John Deere Tractor & Engine Museum and the Waterloo Convention Center. Both venues will offer exhibits, food and family-friendly activities. The displays will include a mix of company and customer-owned equipment and will feature tractors and engines spanning across John Deere product lines from around the world.

Contest Information

Arends-Awe, Inc. will join in the celebration by hosting three separate tractor contests. Entries can be submitted until July 31st, 2018. The winners will be announced September 1st, 2018. There will be a prize for each category. To submit your entry, click on the link below. Entries will be judged by an independent panel.


Story of My Tractor: $500 In-Store Credit & Gold Key Tour at Waterloo, IA
Ugly Tractor: $250 In-Store Credit
My First Tractor: $250 In-Store Credit


Submit Your Entry

Story of my tractor

The first contest will ask for local John Deere tractor owners to send in pictures of their tractor with a "Story of My Tractor." The story can be the ownership, the search to bring it back to its original farm, marriage proposals on the tractor, etc.

gordon-1.jpg   doug-gordon.jpg
(The last Gordon Implement Tractor found its way home.)

Ugly tractor

The second will be an "Ugly Tractor" contest. This is a simple concept. Send us a picture of the roughest, toughest, ragged out, rusty, tattered, mud covered John Deere Tractor. This can be a tractor that you use every day that qualifies as ugly or a tractor that just had one bad or ugly day in its life.


My First Tractor

The third and final contest is "My First Tractor." This will yield a lot of baby pictures of contestants with their first toy tractor, but this also leaves some opportunity to submit a current picture of grandfather alongside his first real John Deere tractor.

awe-1.png  DOUGS-STORY.png
(Left picture: Donald Awe, Doug Awe, and Charles Peddicord with Doug's first tractor given to him by Charles.)
(Right Picture: Charles Peddicord and Doug Awe. Doug is selling Charles a tractor 40 years later.)