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All-New 6030 & 7030 Series Tractor Models!

Scout Out the New 75- to 140-PTO-hp Tractor All-Star Lineup
When it comes to scouting out players for your farming team, take a look at the new full-team lineup of John Deere 6030 and 7030 Small-Frame Series Tractors. With more than 13 different models and countless configurations there's sure to be an all-star that fits your needs. For instance, 6030 and 7030 Small-Frame Series Tractors are true, all-around-the-farm performers. Choose from six new models ranging in power from 75 to 125 PTO hp. These green cab and open operator station machines provide flexible, cost-effective performance to get the job done, day after day, season after season. Or, for a more well-equipped and versatile performer, turn to a 75- to 95-PTO‑hp 6030 Premium Series Tractor. With standout features like an even more luxurious cab and higher capacity hydraulics, these premium tractors give you the comfort, convenience and productivity to handle long hours in the field. Need an even bigger power player? Check out one of four new 7030 Premium Series models. You get 100 to 140 PTO hp, plus Intelligent Power Management (optional) that delivers additional 15 up to 25 hp, depending on the model, in transport or non-stationary rear PTO applications. And they're loaded with all the same premium, ergonomic comforts found on 6030 Premium cab models, as well as an all-new, larger air seat.