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Grow more ROI with Swath Control Pro™ for Planters

SwathControlLarge-(5).jpgCome planting season, you'll have a lot on your mind including the rising costs of inputs. Now is the time to ask your John Deere dealer about Swath Control Pro for Planters.

This latest planting solution from John Deere uses GPS to automatically turn planter sections off and on based on a coverage map. Gone are the days of throwing seed out the window, especially in headlands, waterways, point rows, and end rows. Because you aren't over planting, plants have room to grow along with your yield potential.

See how Swath Control Pro for Planters works - view the animated video.

When asked about the benefits of Swath Control Pro for Planters, Lowell Garrett of Iowa shared his personal experience, "It makes planting easier by doing things automatically. The seed savings alone averaged between two and three percent." Hear Lowell Garrett talk more about Swath Control Pro for Planters - watch the video.

Swath Control Pro for Planters is available now and works with the GreenStar™ system, including components you may already own. It's compatible with half- or third-width disconnects found on most John Deere or Kinze planters.